How To Charge E-bike Battery Without Charger? 7 Easy Ways


How To Charge E-bike Battery Without Charger

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How to charge e-bike battery without charger? Is it safe to charge your e-bike without a charger? Can you charge your e-bike without a charger and many more?

Lots of people have doubts regarding these questions.

But don’t worry, Because in this article I will going to discuss with you all of these doubts with very simple language so that all your doubts are cleared.

As you know, electric bikes are less expensive as compared to other petrol bikes. These bikes are becoming more popular day by day.

Hey, my name is Smruti Ranjan Nahak. By profession, I have been a professional bike rider for the last seven years. Through this blog, I share each and every detail about bikes and cycles.

Without wasting any single time, let’s see which are the best ways on how to charge e-bike battery without charger.

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How To Charge E-Bike Battery Without Charger

How To Charge E-bike Battery Without Charger

Below we discuss with you some of the best and most straightforward ways you can use to charge your E-bike without using any charger lest see.

Using Car Battery 

It is one of the most famous ways which you can use to charge your e-bike battery. For this, you need a car battery or a charging cable, or any wiring.

To charge the e-bike, you need to connect your bike battery to your car’s battery using the charger or any wire.

But always keeps in mind that a car battery contains high power energy and it can overflow the electricity. So it is also very dangerous for your bike.

Let me explain this by giving you a live example. Suppose your car battery is 14V and your E-bikes battery is 10V. So to control the electric flow, you need an extra tool which consumes 4v power to control the electric flow.

Otherwise, there are chances are high that it will cause a shut circuit problem.

Using A USB Cable 

It is another way that you can use for charging your e-bike. For this, you need a regular USB port to charge your e-bike.

To use this, you connect the USB port to the electric bike, and another part you can connect with your power bank, laptop, or any battery provider.

But always keep in mind that this trick is helpful only for low-power-consuming devices.

For example, your bike’s battery is 10V, and your laptop support only 7V battery capacity; so, in this case, the charger isn’t able to charge your E-bike.

Using A Solar Panel 

Nowadays, the solar panel is becoming more popular than others. You can also use the solar panel to charge your E-Bike.

For this, you need a solar panel and a connector. To charge your e-bike through the solar panel, connect the E-bike to the solar panel and place the solar panel outdoors.

When sunlight touches the solar panel, your e-bike starts charging. Also, we recommend you must purchase an electricity controller.

Because solar panels also generate high-energy electricity, which is harmful to your electric bike.

The electricity controller controls the electricity and gives the right amount of electricity which is suitable for your e-bike.

Using A Generator 

You will also use a generator to charge your electric bike. For this, you need a connector and a generator. First of all, connect the charger to the e-bike and connect another part to the generator.

Now switch on the generator. After switching on the generator, your electric bike starts to charge. It is also a good idea to charge your electric bike.

Using A Pedal Charger

You can also charge your electric bike using the pedal method. But it does not support some bikes. Because some bikes come with pedal charging features and some don’t comes.

To use this feature, switch on the pedal charger option and ride your electric bike using the pedal. When you started pedalling, your bike started charging.

Using A Power Bank

Power banks are used to charge your laptop or smartphone. But you can also use a power bank to charge your electric bikes.

But always keep in mind that your electric bike must suit the voltage of the power bank.

To check the bike’s electricity capacity, check their manual instructions. Because in manual instruction there are all things are mentioned clearly.

After verifying the electricity capacity now, connect your e-bike to the power bank using a cable or any USB charger.

Charging Station 

It is one of the easiest and most reliable ways to charge your e-bike. Nowadays, many cities have electric charging centres.

For this, you need to visit the charging centre and charge your electric bike.

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Charging E-bike Battery First Time – What To Consider?

How To Charge E-bike Battery Without Charger

There are lots of factors that are dependent on what to consider if you charge your electric bike for the first time.

  1. If your E-bike is fully new, then we strongly recommend you must fully charge your electric bike before using it.
  2. If you are charging your e-bike without a charger, then you must check the Volt capacity. Otherwise, it will cause a short circuit problem.
  3. We Strongly recommend you use the original charger to charge your E-bike for the first time.
  4. Don’t leave your e-bike while charging overnight. It will reduce your performance.

Can I Use My Laptop Charger To Charge My Ebike

Yes, you can use your laptop charger to charge your e-bike. But some e-bikes don’t support this.

Also, we recommend you refrain from charging your e-bike using the laptop charger regularly. Always use the original charger to charge your bike.

Here is one thing I mentioned that you must check the voltage power of your bike before charging it using any third-party charger.

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How To Charge An E Bike For Maximum Battery Life

Below we discuss with you some of the best points which help you to give maximum battery life if you use these points correctly.

  1. Don’t use any third-party charger to charge your electric bikes. Using the original charger gives you the best battery life.
  2. Don’t charge your e-bike battery over time. This means don’t leave it while charging overnight. It will reduce your battery life.
  3. Don’t charge your battery when it is 10 to 15%. Always charge the bike when your battery level is below 50% and above 30%. It will give you the best battery life.
  4. Suppose you are purchasing a new bike and charging for the first time. Then we recommend you must charge your battery for 12 hours.
  5. If your room temperature is too hot, then don’t charge your e-bike. Always charge your bike when the temperature is normal.

How Do I Know When My E-Bike Battery Is Charged

There are lots of indicators and flashing lights that come with your electric bike. Similarly, there is a light that comes with your e-bike, which indicates your bike charging point.

When you connect the charger to your bike, then light starts blinking. It means the bike is now in charging mode.

When the light is not blinking or turned off, then you are sure that your bike is now fully charged. Now disconnect the charger and enjoy the ride.

E Bike charging Tips For Beginner (5 Pro Tips)

Below we discuss with you some of the best electric bike tips while charging, which help a lot to a new rider.

  1. We strongly recommend you don’t charge your E-bike when the temperature of your room is too hot. Otherwise, your bike started heating.
  2. Always use original and reputed chargers so that you will always get maximum battery life.
  3. Don’t keep your charger connected overnight. It will impact your battery life.
  4. Don’t charge your bike when it is very low. Always trying to charge your bike when its charge is between 30 to 50%.
  5. This point is not related to charging, but you also check this point. Because it is also very essential always clean your electric bike from time to time. You can also use a vacuum cleaner to clean your bike. It will help you to give your best performance.


What are the disadvantages of electric bikes?

Answer- These are some disadvantages of electric bikes-

Its battery is a short lifespan. You need to replace it after some time.
It will give you a low running time
E-Bikes are a little bit heavy
It has low resale values
Its battery charging time is a little bit long

Are electric bikes easy to maintain or not?

Answer- If we answered this question, then yes. Electric bikes are easy to maintain as compared to any other bike.

What is the expected battery life of an electric bike?

Answer- Well, it depends on your usage. How you can use the bike, how to take care of your bike etc. But an electric bike gives you between 3 to 5 years of battery life.

Are electric bikes safe as compared to other bikes?

Answer- Both electric and petrol bikes are safe if you ride them carefully. But electric bikes are 15% safe as compared to petrol bikes.


I hope you all like our article. In this article, I will discuss with you how to charge e-bike battery without charger using some tools. Also, here we discuss with you some of the pro E-bike maintenance tips which help you to maintain your e-bike.

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Hey, My name is Smruti Ranjan Nahak. A young boy who is passionate about bike riding and has nine years plus experience with bikes and cycles.

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