Which Are The Top 10 Cycle Brands In India In 2024?


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Top 10 Cycle Brands In India

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Which are the top 10 cycle brands in india in 2024? If you want the information, then congratulations, you are now at the right blog post.

As you know, the cycle is a very useful gadget for all human beings. It not only provides us with enjoyment but also provides a healthy and joyful lifestyle.

After passing the COVID-19 cycle, it has become more popular day by day than others. But when researching the top 10 cycle brands in india that you can buy in 2024, it is complicated for you.

But don’t worry because now you are staying at bikeshuts.com.

Hey, my name is Ranjan, and in this comprehensive guide, I will not only discuss with you ten cycle brands in India but also I will share with you the factors that you must consider before buying any cycle.

Without taking any time, let’s start our guide.

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Top 10 Cycle Brands In India

SL NumberCycle Brand Names
1Bianchi Bicycles
2Hero MotoCorp
4Atlas Cycles
7Urban Terrain
8Mach City
10Hero Cycles

Types Of Cycle According To Price Segment 

Top 10 Cycle Brands In India

There are three types of cycles available in the world according to different price segments, including low-range cycles, mid-price range cycles and high-price range cycles.

Low Price Segment Cycles

Most users like these types of cycles because they come with low-price segments and standard features.

Here, you get fewer features as compared to other price segment cycles.

Mid-Price Range Cycles 

These cycles are expensive compared to normal cycles. These types of cycles come with some advanced features as compared to 1st category cycles.

On the other hand, these cycles are expensive compared to 1st range cycles. These cycles are suitable for school-going, college-going or normal mountain cycling.

High Price Range Cycles

These types of cycles are costly in price. Here, you get lots of features as compared to the above two category cycles.

Also, these cycles are very famous for their branding. In this price segment, you will get lots of features, and you will also get some cycling modes.

Top 10 Cycle Brands In India

Bianchi Bicycles

This cycle brand is very popular in the Indian market. This brand produces a wide range of cycles, and it is suitable for both male and female riders.

This brand manufactures different types of cycles, including road bicycles, fitness cycles, etc. It also manufactures Electric bikes. It is an Italian cycle manufacturing brand.

Hero MotoCorp

It is also a very famous cycle manufacturing brand in India. This brand not only manufactures cycles but also manufactures Scooters and electric bikes.

This brand’s headquarters is located in New Delhi. It is one of the most famous and popular two-wheeler manufacturing brands. It also produces two wheels, and it has a market share of 46% of India.


This cycle brand was first founded in 1971 in Canada. After getting a bit of success, it will manufacture the cycles and sell them all over the world. Now, it is one of the most famous and reputed cycle manufacturing brands in India.

Atlas Cycles

Atlas Cycles is one of the oldest cycle manufacturing brands in India. Its cycles are very famous for its reputed brand and its build quality.

This cycle brand has been manufacturing its cycles for more than 70 years. Atlas Cycles brand is an ISO 9001-2008 certified company. He started their cycle manufacturing journey in the 1951 year.

It is one of the most selling cycles in India. Because its price segment is very low and it will provide you with lots of features. For this reason, lots of people love and trust this cycle too much.


Another cycle brand comes from AVON. This cycle is gaining popularity after hero cycles. This cycle is very famous for its build quality, its performance and its low cost.

This cycle provides you with lots of features in an affordable, budget-friendly price segment. Because of its price segment, it will be able to gain lots of love from people.


Nowadays, Hercules cycles are becoming more popular than any other cycle brand. Because of its design and its build quality. Do you know Hercules is part of the TI Cycles of India corporation?

These brand cycles are a good choice for a normal and day-to-day life lifestyle. This cycle brand manufactures different kinds of cycles, including off-roading cycles and gear cycles, and it also manufactures ladies’ cycles.

Urban Terrain

Nowadays, urban terrain is gaining more popularity as compared to other cycle brands. This brand started in 2017 year, and now it has provided its service on more than 27,000 plus pin code areas.

Because of its popularity and its performance in the budget price segment, Kiara Advani and Sidharth Malhotra, joined this cycling brand as their brand ambassador.

This cycle also manufacture lots of different kind of cycles, including off-roading cycles, normal cycles, gear cycles, etc.  

Mach City

Another famous cycle brand in India is Mach City. These cycles are suitable for short-distance rides. Also, it is very useful for city riding. But always keep in mind that these cycles could be better for mountain bike riding.

These cycles also need low maintenance, and they will come with lots of features.


Firefox is also a very well-reputed cycle manufacturing brand in India. This cycle manufactures different kinds of cycles, including BMX, off-roading cycles, gear cycles, etc.

This cycle brand is also suitable for both kids and adults. Also here you will get lots of features. For this reason, it will gain more popularity day by day.

Hero Cycles 

It is one of the oldest and most trusted cycle manufacturing brands in India. This cycle manufacturing brand set a world record in the Guinness World Record book for manufacturing the largest number of cycles.

This cycle brand quarter is placed in Ludhiana, Punjab.

These are some of the best cycle manufacturing brands in India. Now, let’s discuss which factors you should consider if you want to buy the best cycles for you.

What To Consider Before Selecting Any Cycle

Top 10 Cycle Brands In India

There are lots of people who are having issues while selecting the best cycles for them. Below, we discuss some of the essential factors that you must consider before selecting any cycle for you.

  1. Price Segment
  2. Seat height adjustable feature
  3. Braking System
  4. Brand
  5. Suspension
  6. Build quality
  7. Cycles Handle grip
  8. Weight Capacity
  9. Purchasing Purpose


Which is the first cycle brand in India?

Answer– Hero is the first cycle brand in India. Hero brand started its cycle manufacturing journey in India in 1956 year. This brand is still rocking in this cycle industry because of its huge amount of fan base.

Which is the second most famous cycle manufacturing company in India?

Answer- After the hero cycle, Atlas bicycle brand is listed as the most popular bicycle manufacturing company in India. This cycle manufactures their cycles, especially for children. This cycle brand also always maintains its build quality.

Who is the owner name of the hero cycle?

Answer- Well, as you know, Hero Cycles are the most famous and well-reputed cycle brands in India. Its owners name is Pankaj M Munjal. He is the chairman of Hero Cycles Company.

Which is the oldest cycle model in the world?

Answer- The first bicycle was created in 1817 was made in a German country and was made by Karl Von Drais. This cycle is known as the “Swiftwalker”.

Can you use normal using cycles for mountain riding?

Answer- Well, its simple answer is both yes and no. You can use normal cycles for mountain cycling, but it is not suitable because these cycles are not made for maintenance. Because mountain bicycles are made with different suspensions.


This article is helpful for you. In this article, I will discuss with you the top 10 cycle brands in india that are famous for their performance and their build quality. If you like this article, it is helpful, and then you can share it with your social media accounts so that other people also know this information.

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