About Our Team


Welcome to Bikeshut.com. Our team consists of 2 professional bikers who have experience with bikes and cycles for more than 13 years. 

They ride all types of bikes and cycles. We started this website to provide you with each and every detail which is related to cycles and bikes. We want to help those people who have an interest in bikes and cycles.

Also, there are lots of people are suffering from cycling and bike buying guides. Through this website, our team is trying to help them. 

About The Founder Of Bikeshut.com

Roktim Saha (Owner & Founder)

roktim saha

Hey, may name is Roktim Saha from Aasam (India). I am the founder and owner of bikeshut.com. By profession, I am a full-stack blogger, SEO expert, web developer, and student. I loved bike riding and got my first bike in 2013.

My main intention is to start this website to help those newbies who have many doubts regarding bikes, cycles, electric bikes, etc. Here I share bikes, cycles, and E-scooters-related information that I get from my experience.

Email Id: Roktim.otherwork@gmail.com

Linked In: Hlotiim

Instagram: Hlotiim

Twitter: Hlotiim

Official Site: roktimsaha.com

About The Author & Editor 

Smruti Ranjan Nahak (Chief Editor)

smruti ranjan nahak
smruti ranjan nahak

My name is Smruti Ranjan Nahak, and I am from Odisha. I am the senior and chief editor of Bikeshut.com. I love to do research and analyze bikes and cycles, and it’s my passion. 

I want to convert this passion into my profession. 

I have experience with bikes and cycles for more than eight years. Through this website, I share each and every detail which is related to bikes and cycles, which I gained from my eight years of experience. 

Through this blog, I share with you the best cycle buying guide, cycle and bike tips and tricks, and I also recommend the best cycles in different variants, including MTB, bicycles, mountain cycles, racing cycles, etc. 

If you want to contact me then you can simply email me by this Mail-

Email- Techsrn143@gmail.com

Instagram- Sranjan_28