14 Different Types Of Scooters Which You Must Know


Types Of Scooters

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Nowadays scooters are the most important gadget for human beings as compared to previous years. On the other hand, scooters are a great way to enjoy your day-to-day life.

But do you ever think about exactly how many types of scooters are available on the market? If not then read this whole article to explore the topic. Let’s start.

Types Of Scooters

  1. Pro Scooters
  2. Off Roading Scooters
  3. Kick Scooters
  4. Mobility Scooters
  5. Folding Scooters
  6. Four-Wheeler Scooters
  7. Three-Wheeler Scooter
  8. Gas Powered Scooters
  9. Dirt Scooters
  10. Foot Bike Scooter
  11. Ski Scooters
  12. Fliker Scooter
  13. Motorcycle Scooter
  14. Maxi Scooters

Pro Scooters 

Types Of Scooters

As you already know pro scooters are ride only on pro riders. Ha, ha, ha just kidding. Basically, pro scooter is also known as stunt scooters and these types of scooters are used for performing stunts. 

Pro scooters are made with high-quality and very durable materials as compared to other scooter materials. 

This scooter is very popular with teenagers and adults. Because this is a stunt scooter the company highly recommends these scooters for more than 12-year-old kids. 

Fact: The interesting fact is that these types of pro scooters are also used in the national Olympic games. 

Off-Roading Scooters 

If you are an adventure lover then these types of scooters are specially made for you. In off-roading scooters, you will get high-quality and smooth suspension with premium build quality. 

These types of scooters are specially made by considering terrains, off-roading, rough riding, mountains, etc. Because of these features, you will ride off-road scooters very comfortably. 

Kick Scooters 

Types Of Scooters

Kick scooters are basically nonelectric scooters so you will operate them manually. It means you will ride these types of kick scooters using your legs. 

Kick scooters are suitable for both teenagers and kids. These types of scooters are very easy to ride and nonrisky.

Fact: The most interesting fact is that doctors are recommending these kick scooters to ride on a regular basis. It will help to keep your feet and you can also use it as your gym exercise accessories. Because it also helps to build up your leg’s muscles.

Mobility Scooters 

Mobility scooters are very easy to use and they are very lightweight so that you will carry it anywhere. These types of scooters are specially made with lightweight materials. Some mobility scooters come with folding options.

Folding Scooters 

Basically folding scooters come with a folding feature. It means you will able to fold this scooter and carry it in your car. These scooters are also very lightweight and easy to use. 

It is also available in both electric and non-electric versions. The electric version is a little bit more expensive compared to the non-electric version.

Four-Wheeler Scooters

If you are a full beginner, then it is one of the best scooters for you because it comes with 4 wheels which helps to maintain your balance while riding it. 

If we talk about the type of four-wheeler scooter, then it is available in both electric version and non-electric versions. The electric version is a little bit more expensive compared to the non-electric version.

Three-Wheeler Scooter 

These types of scooters come with 3 wheels which also gives you the best stability while riding. If you are a beginner at riding scooters, then it is one of the most convenient scooters for you. 

A Three-wheeler scooter consists of 1 wheel in its back part and 2 wheels in its front part. This scooter is also available in both electric and non-electric versions. 

Fact: Most beginners and kids use these types of scooters.

Gas Powered Scooters 

Gas-powered scooters are operated with gas. Now the question is for which type of people can use this scooter.

Well, if you love to do long rides then this scooter is specially made for you. Because these types of scooters easily go between 100 miles to 200 miles. Now the question is which is the best electric scooter and gas-powered scooter.

Well, the main difference is that electric scooters need electricity to charge and gas-powered scooters need gas tanks to charge. Gas-operated scooters provide you with long long-distance driving experience and electric scooters provide you with a high-speed riding experience. 

Dirt Scooters 

If you want a regular scooter for your day-to-day life use then avoid purchasing dirt scooters. Because these scooters are suitable for only dirt areas. This scooter is available only on the electric version and comes with a front suspension. 

Foot Bike Scooter 

Basically, foot bikes are suitable for both teenagers and adult riders. This scooter comes with large wheels and it is mostly used for long ride purposes. Foot bikes and scooters come in 2 different variations. One of them comes with large wheels on its back part and the second one comes with the large tires on its front part. 

Ski Scooters 

As you already know ski scooters are used for ski purposes and for traveling on ice areas. The main difference between ski scooters and normal scooters is, that in normal scooters, you will get wheels and brakes, and in ski scooters, you don’t get any wheels and no brakes. 

In ski scooters, you will get blades instead of wheels and it will help to pull the scooter in the snow areas. It also comes with a suspension fork like other scooters.

Fliker Scooter 

Filker scooter is very similar to kick scooter because here you need to kick the scooter manually. But it is not 100% similar to kick scooters. In the beginning time, you will face some issues while riding this scooter. After practicing it will be very easy to ride.

Motorcycle Scooter 

Motorcycle scooters are specially made for kids. These types of scooters look like track race bikes which most kids love to ride. But these are electric scooters and it does not come with too much power because as I already mentioned they are specially made for kids.

Maxi Scooters 

Types Of Scooters

Maxi scooters come with very powerful engines such as 200cc 150 cc etc. This scooter has an age restriction. On the other hand, these scooters are large in size and come with powerful engines. 


In this article, I will share with you the 13 different types of scooters which are available on the market. Different scooters are used for different kinds of purposes. Before purchasing any scooter must do a little bit of research about that scooter so that in the future you won’t face any kind of issue regarding this. 

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