6 Common Reason’s On Why Does My Tire Keep Losing Air?


Why Does My Tire Keep Losing Air

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I remember when I purchased my first bicycle in 2014 year. At that time, cycles are getting tending. After using that cycle for 1 to 2 months, I realized that air was losing from my cycle tire.

At that time, I was totally hopeless and repeatedly thinking about why does my tire keep losing air when it did not have any kind of holes in my tires.

Some people are also facing their brand new tire losing air pressure without any tire damage. What was its reason, and can you fix it?

Well, my name is Smruti Ranjan Nahak. I have been a professional rider since 2016, and through this blog post, I will discuss with you exactly why does my tire keep losing air and how I fix it myself.

Are you ready to know about it?

Let’s start the article.

Why Does My Tire Keep Losing Air

  1. Due To Damage Valve Stem
  2. Due To Damage Type Pressure Monitoring System
  3. Due To Cycle Tire Puncture Issue
  4. Due To Weather Changes
  5. Due To the Damaged Wheel
  6. If The Tire Is Too Old

Due To Damage Valve Stem

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Now, there are lots of cycle users who are thinking about exactly what Valve Stem is. Well, in simple language, the Valve Stem is a part that is used to enter the air into the cycle tire.

This part is placed at the top of the cycle tire. If there is any breakage or any damage occurs in this part, then you will face a losing air problem.

In my case, I face this issue. Actually, what happened was that my cycle valve stem was damaged due to the rock. After identifying the issue, I will replace this part.

Due To Damage Type Pressure Monitoring System 

Why Does My Tire Keep Losing Air

The tire system monitoring system is also known as the TPMS. It depends on lots of reasons why your TPMS will be defective.

Bow, the question is how you can consider your TPMS will be damaged. Well, to consider this issue, you can simply check your cycle tire pump manually using any tire pressure checker.

If everything is okay and you still have the air pressure leak issue, then you must check the other points. Maybe other points will help you.

Always keep in mind that it is essential for you to change your TPMS if you ride your cycle more than 55,000 miles. Otherwise, you can face dangerous issues.

Due To Cycle Tire Puncture Issue 

It is one of the most common reasonable issues on why your cycle tire is losing its air. Again, there are lots of factors that are dependent on why you will face the cycle tire puncture issue.

It may be rough riding. If you are riding your cycle at very low pressure, then chances are high that your cycle tire will puncture quickly.

Basically, cycle tires are made with high-quality rubber material. But when it gets old, its rubber layer is reduced, and because of this reason, cycle tires are started puncturing.

Most of the new cycle riders are facing this issue. They don’t know when is the right time to change their cycle tire.

Due To Weather Changes 

I mentioned one thing: rubbers are automatically adjusted according to the current weather conditions.

If the weather is changed or the season is changed, then your cycle tire is started to release the air. Behind this scene, a scientific reason exists.

If you store your cycle under your home and, for some reason, you store your cycle outdoors, then chances are high that your cycle tire will lose its pressure.

As you already know about it, indoor and outdoor temperatures are totally different from each other. I would recommend that if you store your cycle indoors, then don’t store it outdoors.

Due To the Damaged Wheel 

Do you ever notice that all cycle wheels are made with a metal Rym, and these cycle Rym’s are covered with high-quality rubber to protect them?

After some years, the metal part started to be damaged. Because of this reason, you will face the air-reducing issue in your cycle tire.

This issue does not happen with new cycles; when your cycle gets old, metals start damaging due to different weather conditions.

If The Tire Is Too Old 

The tire is an essential part of all cycles. That is why you need to take care of your cycle properly. If you are facing a damaged or faulted tire issue, then immediately change it.

Basically, this issue happens to you if the cycle tire is too much old. I would recommend you replace the tire after four months of use.

3 Best Methods On How To Fix Cycle Tire Losing Problem?

Why Does My Tire Keep Losing Air

Repair The Damage Valve Stem

As I already mentioned in the above section, if the valve system is damaged, then you will face the tire pressure loss issue.

To solve this issue, simply remove the cycle tire, dip the tire into the water, and see if the pressure will leak or not. If the pressure is leakage, then immediately change it.

Change The Puncture Tire 

To repair the punctured tire, simply remove the tire, dip it in water, and identify exactly which part releases the air. After that, take a rubber part and cycle puncture glue, and start repairing.

If you don’t know how to repair a punctured cycle tire, then you can check out this video tutorial.

Change The Cycle Wheel

If you notice that the cycle tire metal part started damaging, then immediately change the whole wheel. If the metal part starts damaging, maybe it will suddenly break.

Follow the below steps to change the wheel.

  1. First of all, take a screwdriver and remove all the nuts from the cycle.
  2. Now, simply remove the cycle wheel.
  3. Now, place the new wheel. Always keep in mind that the new wheel is also the same size and height as the older one.
  4. Now, after fitting the wheel, simply again attach the nuts and make it tight using a screwdriver.


Is it possible that the cycle will lose its pressure without any tire puncture issues?

Answer- Its single answer is yes. There are lots of factors that are dependent on why your cycle tire will lose its air without any puncture. Some reasonable reasons are due to weather conditions, faulty tires, etc.

Which is the best gear or non-gear cycle?

Answer- Both cycles are good according to their use of purpose. There are lots of differences between a gear cycle and a non-gear cycle.

Do different weather conditions lose your tire pressure?

Answer- Its answer is yes. Different weather conditions depend on whether your cycle tire loses its pressure. I would recommend that if you place your cycle indoors, then don’t place it outdoors.

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Final Word 

Facing the cycle losing pressure issue is totally normal, and it is easily fixable. Through this article, I share with you my personal problem on why does my tire keep losing air and how I can fix this issue at home. If you also face this issue, then this article can be helpful for you. If you have any information related to this article, then you can comment on your query.

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Hey, My name is Smruti Ranjan Nahak. A young boy who is passionate about bike riding and has nine years plus experience with bikes and cycles.

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