How Much Cycling To Lose 1kg? Here Is The Exact Answer


How Much Cycling To Lose 1kg

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How much cycling to lose 1kg? How much cycling to lose 1kg for a woman? how much weight can you lose biking 30 minutes a day?

I need clarification regarding these questions. As you know, cycling is the most enjoyable exercise which helps to give you a healthy lifestyle.

After the COVID-19 case, lots of people started cycling regularly. Doctors also recommend you cycle at least for 1-2 hours daily.

Cycling is a process that is suitable for both male and female and both teenagers and adults.

My name is Ranjan, and in this article, I will discuss with you exactly How much cycling to lose 1kg. I also share some essential information regarding this topic.  

So, Let’s jump into the topic.

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How Much Cycling To Lose 1kg

According to the research, if you are daily cycling for one hour, then your body generates 300 calories. Similarly, if you want to lose your 1 KG weight, then you will need to burn 8,000 calories. So, to burn 8,000 calories, you need to cycle for 4 hours a day.

It is a challenging job for a beginner to ride 4 hours daily using a cycle. This is also challenging for other people.

Now the question is, how much time will you cycle?

Well, we recommend you cycle daily for at least 1 hour. It will keep you healthy, and it will also help to reduce your stress.

Losing your body weight is only partially dependent on your cycling process. It also depends on your regular activity or your diet plan.

A proper diet plan and proper exercise are very effective in losing weight. We recommend you don’t entirely depend on cycling to lose weight.

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Best Time For Cycling

How Much Cycling To Lose 1kg

Cycling is a process that not only keeps you healthy but also helps to reduce your stress and give you an enjoyable experience.

Most users need clarification about which time is best for cycling.

Well, there are no fixed times for cycling. Whenever you want, you can go cycling. Also, here, I mentioned that how much time you will do a cycle is fine.

According to your fitness and your stamina, you do cycle. But we recommend you to do a cycle at least for more than 39 minutes.

According to our 11 years of experience, we recommend you cycle in the morning time or in the evening time.

We don’t recommend you to cycle at night time.

If I Cycle 20km A Day Will I Lose Weight

A single answer is yes.

If you are cycling 20 KM, then you will not only lose weight, but also you will notice lots of changes in your body and your lifestyle.

  1. If you do daily cycling for 20 km, then your mentality will be increased as compared to others.
  2. You will notice that your body’s stamina will be increased.
  3. It will help to increase your digestive system, which helps to maintain your body and keep it will keep your blood circulation fresh.

How Much Weight Can You Lose Biking 30 Minutes A Day

Well, if you are biking for 30 minutes, then you will burn between 250 and 500 calories in your body, which is a positive sign.

By biking for 30 minutes on a regular basis, you will lose approximately. 1 KG weight. As I already mentioned, there are other factors that are also dependent on losing your body weight.

Biking is an exemplary process for reducing belly fat or reducing your weight. Biking is also a good exercise for the legs.

But we also recommend you do other exercises or maintain your diet plan to reduce your weight because these are very effective ways to reduce your weight.

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Benefits Of Cycling 1 Hour A Day

How Much Cycling To Lose 1kg

There are lots of benefits you will notice if you are cycling for 1 hour regularly. Below, we discuss with you some of the benefits of it.

  1. If you do daily cycling for 1 hour, then your stamina will be increased.
  2. Your body’s sugar level is controlled.
  3. The chances are very low that you will be affected by diabetes.
  4. Daily cycling will help you to reduce your stress.
  5. Daily cycling will give you proper leg exercise.
  6. Daily cycling will control your blood pressure.
  7. It will help to maintain your cholesterol level in your body.
  8. It will keep you healthy.
  9. Daily cycling will increase your digestion capacity.
  10. Cycling is a good process to lose your belly fat. Also, it will help to reduce your weight.

How much cycling to lose 1kg for a woman

Again, here, the main question is whether it is the same for reducing the 1 KG weight for women.

Well, its simplest answer is no. Is it not the same? According to the research, some expert doctors say that if you are a woman, then you need to cycle at least 27 hours a month to lose your 1 KG weight.

If I share my opinion, I reduce my 1 KG weight in just 20 days. As I already mentioned, there are other factors that are also dependent on losing weight.

How much cycling to lose 20kg

According to my personal experience, you need to cycle for 2-3 hours a day to lose 20 KG of weight.

Most people are thinking, can you lose your 20 KG weight by just cycling?
Well, its answer is both yes and no. If you want to lose your 20 kb by doing only cycling, then it is very hard for you, and it takes lots of time.

We recommend you do some exercise with cycling to lose your 20 KG weight. Here, I mentioned that it takes some time to lose the 20 Kg weight.


Does cycling is a healthy process?

Answer- Yes, cycling is a 100% healthy process for both males and females. Also, it is suitable for all ages, including children. Some expert doctors recommend you to do cycling on a daily basis for at least one hour.

Can you do cycling at the age of 60?

Answer- Yes, you can do it. Daily cycling helps you maintain your cholesterol level and give you a healthy lifestyle.

Can you lose 10 KG by only cycling?

Answer- Yes, you can do it. But it takes some time. You need to cycle 2 hours a day on a daily basis if you want to reduce your 10 KG weight.


I hope you like our article. In this article, I will answer your question about how much cycling to lose 1kg and also I will discuss with you exactly what are the benefits of daily cycling. If you like our article, then share it with your social media accounts so that other people also know this information.

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