Which Are The Most Expensive Cycle In India In 2024?


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Most Expensive Cycle In India

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Do you ever think about which are the most expensive cycle in india and why they are costly?

If you want to know this information, then you have now landed on the right block post.

As you know, a cycle is an excellent vehicle that not only gives you a stylish look but also helps to maintain your cholesterol level if you cycle for at least one hour.

Well, my name is Ranjan, and I ride all kinds of cycles and have had experience with cycles and bikes for the last eight years. Also, I love to do research about bikes and cycles.

In this blog post, I am going to discuss with you exactly which are the five most expensive cycle in india and why these are listed in the expensive price list.

Let’s start the article.

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Most Expensive Cycle In India

Cycle Names Its Price
Colnago C64 DiscBetween 7,86,000 To 10,00,000
Giant XTC Advanced SL 29 OBetween 5,80,000 to 9,00,000
Factor Ostro VAM7,50,000.00
Trek Fuel EX 9.9×015,60,000
Trek Domane SL 7 eTap5,30,000

Colnago C64 Disc

Image Source- road.cc

This cycle is listed as India’s most expensive cycle list because of its branding and its features. It is an Italian cycle manufacturing brand, and it has a fascinating history about his name.

This cycle was invented on its 64th anniversary, so its name is Colnago C64. This cycle comes with lots of features, and it will be more expensive than a regular bike.

This cycle’s base model starts from 7,86,000 Indian rupees, and it will go up to 10,00,000 Indian rupees.

Giant XTC Advanced SL 29 O

Image Source- bikeradar.com

This cycle is very famous for its speed in India. It is an MTB cycle. Now, is this cycle listed in the most expensive cycle list? Because of its performance and its brand value, it is listed in the costly cycle list in 2024.

It is also very lightweight, and most users have used this cycle for mountain riding. Its suspension will give you the best riding experience.

If we talk about its price segment, then this cycle starts from 5,80,000 in Indian rupees, and it will go up to 9 lakhs.

Factor Ostro VAM

Image From- Bikerader.com

This cycle is viral for racing. In this cycle, you will get twin high-quality disc brakes on both front and back side tires. If we talk about its weight, then this cycle is only 780 grams, which is very lightweight.

Now, most users are thinking about its comfort. Well, it is a luxurious cycle so that you will get the best comfort as soon as possible. Because the manufacturing brand primarily considers its comfort.

If we talk about Factor Ostro VAM’s price, then this cycle started at 7,50,000 Indian rupees. You can purchase this cycle on their official website.

Trek Fuel EX 9.9×01

Image Source- pinkbike.com

This cycle gives you smooth cycling and pedalling features because it is made with high-quality materials.

One of the most common reasons why this cycle is viral in India is that it not only gives you the best speed riding experience but also gives you the best comfort feelings while you are riding this cycle.

This cycle is available in three different sizes, including small size, medium size and large size. The manufacturer mentioned that they are trying to satisfy users’ queries so that users don’t get any issues regarding this cycle.

If we talk about its price Segment, then this cycle is available for 5,60,000 in Indian rupees. You can purchase this cycle on its official site.

Trek Domane SL 7 eTap

Image Credit- buycycle.com

This cycle is very famous for its speed and performance. Most users have liked this cycle only for its speed. Because this cycle is used for track racing, you can also use this cycle for daily purposes.

This cycle is fully loaded with lots of features, which is not disappointing to the users. Its smooth braking and pedalling features give you the best riding experience.

Here, I mentioned that this is the first cycle where you will get the 12-speed cassette ever used material, which makes it a more unique and special one as compared to others.

If we talk about its price segment, its cost is around 5,30,000 Indian rupees. You can purchase this cycle on their official website.

Most Expensive Cycle In World

Nowadays, cycles are becoming more popular than cars and bikes. There are lots of cycles available which cost more than a normal car and bike. Below, we share with you some cycle brands which is listed in the world’s most expensive cycles.

Cycle NamesIts Approxmately Price
Cycling ChicBetween $10,000.00 to $15,000.00
Trek Yoshitomo Nara Speed$200,000.00
Trek Madone 7-Diamond$75,000.00
“Butterfly” Trek Madone$500,00.00
Montante Luxury Gold Collection$46,000.00

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BMW Cycle Highest Price

Well, BMW is listed as a luxurious vehicle manufacturing company in this world. It not only manufactures cycles but only it manufactures motorcycles and cars also.

It is popular for its performance and its safety. BMW’s highest cycle price is 1.60L INR. Its lowest cycle is starting at 1.118 lakhs Indian rupees.

World’s Costliest Cycle In Indian Rupees

most expensive cycle in india

There are lots of cycles available, which cost more than a normal bike. Now, do you think that these cycles are expensive?

Well, these cycles are made with premium material with advanced technology. Also, there are high-brand value manufacturers that made these cycles so that these cycles are listed as the most expensive cycles in this world.

Do you know the world’s costliest cycle is made by the Bugatti brand, which cost Lakhs in Indian rupees. 

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From Where You Will Buy Expensive Cycles?

There are lots of places available where you can buy expensive cycles. Nowadays, there are lots of online shopping sites that provide you with these cycles. But we recommend you purchase their cycle from trusted online shopping sites like Amazon, Flipkart, etc.

Otherwise, you can purchase their cycles from their official sites. The best way to buy their cycle is to visit their official store.

Is it good to invest high price in these expensive cycles?

Well, its simplest answer is both yes and no. It totally depends on you.

If you can afford these cycles, then you can definitely go with this because these cycles are far better than normal cycles.

Now, do you think that is why you purchase these cycles?

  1. These cycles are listed in India’s top expensive cycles.
  2. These cycles provide you with the best features as compared to others.
  3. It will give you an excellent look.
  4. These cycles are made by high-brand manufacturers.

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What is the difference between average and expensive cycles 

Answer- There are lots of differences between regular cycles and costly cycles. But the most critical differences are-

Expensive cycles are made with high-quality and premium materials as compared to normal cycles.
Its manufacturing brand is already very famous for its performance.
It will give you the best features as compared to normal ones.
Its pedalling feature is extra smooth
Expensive cycles are loaded with full of features.

Can you repair these expensive cycles yourself at your home?

Answer- Yes, you can repair these expensive cycles at your home yourself if you have proper knowledge about them. We strongly recommend that if you are facing any issues, then you must contact their customer care service for better help.

Which are best, expensive cycles or normal cycles?

Answer- Expensive cycles are far better than any normal cycles. But expensive cycles need high maintenance as compared to others.


This article is helpful for you. In this article, I will discuss with you the top 5 most expensive cycle in india and their prices; if you like our article, then share it with your friends or your social media accounts so that other people also know these information’s.

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